Lubricant pump Viscomat 70 with accessories

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Lubricant pump Viscomat 70, 230 V, self-priming, with nozzle, 4 m pressure hose, 1.6 m suction hose 1" with foot valve and quick coupling for drums, flow rate 25 l/min, pressure (max) 6 bar
Lubricant pump Viscomat 70 and Viscomat 90
- rotary vane pump, thus high delivery volume flow at high pressure
- die cast aluminum pump body
- sintered steel rotor with resin vanes
- seal on the rotary shaft with access from the pump side
- bypass line integrated into the pump body
- suitable for oils up to 500 cSt, corresponding to approx. SAE 90 at 20 °C
- also suitable for vegetable oils e.g. cold pressed rape seed oil