Grit spreader SW 20-light

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Spreader with composite frame and PE container, SW 20-light for medium spreading areas, 20 l, spreading width 1 up to 4 m, spread. steps 6

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Spreader with composite frame The use of new composite plastics enables the integration of many functions into a single component.
- for use in private and commercial areas
- durable design
- composite frame and PE container
- stainless steel axles
- rugged transmission
- collapsible support foot
- spreading quantity adjustable with fixed stop
- supplied in prefabricated assemblies

Spreader SW 20-C and SW 35-C
- for use in tough winter conditions
- for different spreading materials
- with robust agitator finger
- stainless steel push rod, three length settings
- with adjustable spread width limiter
- with strainer insert
- air-filled rubber tyres with winter tread

Spreader SW 20-light
- for seeds and fertiliser
- galvanised steel push rod, three length settings
- plastic wheels
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