Compact lubricant system ECO, UNI 1,000 l

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Compact lubricant system UNI 1,000 with electric pump, 15 m, open rewinder, dimensions: 138 x 77 x 187 cm
Single tank from HDPE with integral galvanised sheet steel bund, standard accessories such as pallet base, filling level indicator and optical leak indicator, suction kit, pump, filling hose and digital manual flow meter, with holder and drip tray. Without installation. For storage of fresh and waste oil with a flash point > 55 °C and approved for use in water protected areas without a bund* when installed indoors.

Electric pumps (technical data)
Electric pump 230 V (cannot be calibrated*). Gear pump with a delivery rate of 9 l/min, max. delivery pressure 12 bar, suitable for engine, transmission and
hydraulic oils up to SAE 140

* incl. filling connection with TW coupling, bleeding cap and overfilling protection