Electric oil suction unit, 12 l

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Electric oil suction unit, 12 l, dimensions 32 x 32 x 90

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Electric oil suction unit The mobile oil suction unit meets the growing requirement for sucking waste oil directly out of a car engine via the oil
dipstick seating. An integral 12 l reservoir container can hold the removed waste oil directly. The oil suction unit has a special self-priming centrifugal pump which can produce very high vacuum pressures.

Technical data: Mobile frame complete with:
- self-priming centrifugal pump, 230 V, delivery rate 2 to 10 l/min
- vacuum gauge for checking the pump's operation and for successful emptying
- suction hose with fast connection for the probes
- 4 different suction probes (semi-rigid probe dia. 6 x 800 mm, semi-rigid probe dia. 8 x 800 mm, rigid probe dia. 8 x 650 mm, rigid probe dia. 9 x 650 mm)
- removable probe holder with liquid-tight base for collection of any oil drops
- removable transparent collection container 12 l
- suitable for oils up to SAE 140
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