Make first-class winter preparations: professional products for winter road maintenance by CEMO

As soon as the first snows fall or ice starts getting dangerous for drivers and pedestrians, winter road maintenance becomes indispensible. Working in snowy and icy conditions poses special challenges, but it can be made exponentially easier with professional, efficient products for winter road maintenance.

That’s why CEMO offers a broad spectrum of high-performance grit containers, grit-spreading vehicles and shovels that provide not only efficiency, but safety for people and nature as well. 

Versatile products for use in snowy and icy conditions

CEMO offers versatile products for professional winter road maintenance. Our grit containers, which are available in various sizes, protect the grit from external influences. In addition, thanks to anti-vandalism lids, they are highly durable even in extreme conditions. The same applies to our grit-spreading vehicles – due to their contact with aggressive materials, they must also meet high requirements for materials and workmanship. Whether you're dealing with small or large surfaces, CEMO's winter road maintenance products are perfect for snowy and icy conditions.

The advantages of our winter road maintenance products at a glance:
-    a high level of reliability due to first-class construction materials
-    labor-saving working processes thanks to intelligent product design
-    long-term durability
-    broad product selection for individualized solutions

Long-term durability even in extreme conditions

Our products for winter road maintenance perform under even the most extreme conditions and are excellently suited for long-term usage in adverse weather. High-quality materials and first-class workmanship provide safety, reliability and durability. For instance, an operating life of 20 years and a guarantee period of 10 years is the current standard for our grit containers.

In addition, we focus on practical usability and workload reduction for our winter road maintenance products. That’s why CEMO’s grit containers, grit-spreading vehicles and shovels have outstanding intelligent details. For instance, the remarkably ergonomic handle on our GRP show shovel provides an optimal utilization of physical strength and fatigue-proof work.

Take advantage of CEMO’s professional winter road maintenance products and defy the snow and ice, even in extreme conditions.

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