Safety storage container with natural ventilation

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Safety storage container with natural ventilation, galvanised or galvanised and painted, position of door on long or narrow side

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As an accessible store, they offer a compact solution for the storage of hazardous substances/materials.
The type series SRC W provides safe storage for liquids which are hazardous to water.
The type series SRC N with natural ventilation fulfils the requirements for the storage of flammable liquids.
The type series SRC TB with thermal insulation is designed for the storage of temperature-sensitive substances.

Container design:
Prefabricated model from galvanised sheet steel. Wall and roof elements from galvanised trapeze profile corrugated sheet steel. Wall, roof and floor sections made from thick steel plates. Hot dipped galvanised steel sump floor, floor grating removable (loading 1000 kg/m²). Large, single wing door (width 1294 mm) for simple handling. Traversable roof (designed to withstand 125 kg/m² snow load) with drainage via interior gutters.
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