PE sump pallet 35 HD

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PE sump pallet 35 HD, collection volume 35 l, overall dimensions: 80 x 40 x 16.5 cm

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Small PE container/laboratory trays with general construction inspection approval Z-40.22-548 and Z-40.22-549
- small container/laboratory trays from polyethylene
- fully recyclable
- can be used with/without perforated grating
- stackable for space-saving storage/transport
- non-slip plate surface
- maintenance friendly
- designed for Euro-pallets
- trays can be connected to form a surface protection system

PE Container/laboratory traysHD - RG without approval no.
- manufactured from high quality recycled
- polyethylene
- suitable as a collection tray for materials not hazardous to water or for uses for which no approval is required
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