Mobile oil suction units, pneumatic

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Pneumatic oil suction unit, 65 l, 80 l and 90 l, with or without collection hopper

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Pneumatic oil suction unit Compressed-air operated mobile oil extractor Ideal for quick oil changes on larger vehicles such as lorries, tractors, and cars, etc. A vacuum is generated in the tank with the aid of compressed air. The oil can then be decentrally extracted from the engines
using the extraction probes, independently of a compressed-air connection. Ideal oil temperature 70 - 80 °C. Tank is drained by compressed air.

Technical data 8726 and 10145:
- mobile 65 l resp. 90 l container with level indicator, vacuum indicator and 1-bar relief valve
- compressed-air connection ¼"
- removable tool tray
- extraction hose 2 m with probe adapter
- 7 different flexible and rigid probes; direct adapters for Mercedes, VW, BMW and Citroen
- drain hose 2 m
- max. extraction volume 52 l resp. 75 l
- maximum hopper height 188 cm (model 10145) Technical data 10690 and 10691:
- mobile 80 l container with level indicator, vacuum indicator and relief valve
- compressed-air connection ¼"
- extraction hose 1.5 m with probe adapter
- 5 different flexible and rigid probes from 5 mm up to 8 mm
- drain hose
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