Heating oil storage

Heating oil storage

Keeping your home cozy and carefree:tch: heat oil storage by CEMO

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating is an important issue for new buildings as well as renovations. Heating oil and solar energy are two of the most popular forms of heating. Professional heating oil tanks that meet safety requirements and are tailored to your needs are crucial tools, both for keeping homes cozy and reducing heating costs.

CEMO offers safe, high-quality products for hazard-free storage of heating oil and efficient heat – a recipe for making your home carefree and cozy. We’ve been experts in this area for over 50 years, and we provide comprehensive solutions that will meet your needs.

Glass-fiber reinforced plastic for the highest efficiency and absolute safety

For quality-based reasons, we use only glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) for our heat oil storage systems. This unique material keeps its shape and remains odor-proof and corrosion-free throughout the decades-long lifespan of the tank.

This is how our CEMO heat oil storage systems combine high efficiency with absolute safety – a key combination, particularly for handling cost-intensive, hazardous materials.

Heat oil storage systems for demanding applications

CEMO offers a broad selection of heat oil systems for all kinds of usages, even for demanding applications. Alongside high-quality heating oil tanks with various designs, we can also provide you with solutions for special application areas. In order to ensure optimal space utilization, we provide tanks and containers in various sizes and with various capacities.

For usage in flood-prone areas, CEMO also provides approved tanks that meet special safety requirements. Our double-walled series can even be used without a drip pan in water protection areas.

CEMO stands for the highest level of quality and durability – that’s why we offer a 35-year tank guarantee for all of our GRP heating oil tanks. You could hardly wish for more safety than you’ll find in our products.