MULTI-Tank 1.000 L

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MULTI-Tank 1.000 L, dimensions (l x w x h): 128 x 80 x 147 cm, Lager- and Transport-Approval no.: Z-40.21-288 / D/BAM11581/31HA1
Tank from HDPE with general construction inspection approval
Individual tank with integral galvanised sheet steel bund, standard accessories such as filling contents gauge, optical leakage detector device, integral carrying handle, no pump. For storage of fresh and waste oil with a flash point > 55 °C also approved for indoor installation and in water protection areas without a bund*. Low overall height (up to 1,000 L), thus no steps are required when filling with waste oil.

Tank as described above with foot pallet.

Tank as described above with integral sheet steel pallet for driving under with a forklift or hand forklift from any of four sides.

Particular advantages:
- approved for transport according to the ADR, but without a pump fitted. Examination after 2½ years (see ADR b).***
- lower centre of gravity increases stability and improves handling/ transport.

* National installation laws and conditions must be adhered to - we will be happy to advise.
*** The transport approval for all plastic-IBC is limited to 5 years.