Cube-Dieseltank 5.000 Liter Outdoor Premium Plus 20

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Cube-Dieseltank 5.000 Liter Outdoor Premium Plus 20 / SIM, External dimensions: 240 x 230 x 185 cm

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Diesel tank dispensing system, Outdoor Premium Plus with general construction inspection approval no. Z-40.21-565 • with integrated bund • with visual bund alarm • filling connection with tanker coupling and overfill prevention sensor • vent • contents gauge • suction hose • pump 230 V / 72 L/min * • meter with access control and tank data management system „CMO 20“ for up to 999 users, incl. 5 user keys and 1 master key • hose reel with 8 m hose DN 25 • automatic nozzle with integral nozzle holder • with hinged lid approved for outdoor installation • completely assembled Outdoor Premium Plus 20 SIM*** same as Outdoor Premium Plus, additional with: • electronic contents gauge • GPS function • modem for tank data Transfer * Pump output in free flow. Please note that the pump output can fall sharply depending on the length and cross-sectional area of the hose. *** SIM Card not included in the scope of delivery.
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