Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Safe hazardous materials storage with products by CEMO

For CEMO, protecting people and nature is the primary concern. That’s why safe storage of hazardous materials such as fuels and lubricants is the goal of our work. CEMO develops products for hazardous materials storage that meet all legal requirements and combine safety with practicality and excellent usability.

As a pioneer in hazardous materials storage, we offer state-of-the-art storage container technology, the highest quality and excellent service. We know the requirements that apply to your stored materials, and we'll provide you with a product that is tailored to your needs.

Legal requirements for hazardous materials storage

Flammable, poisonous, corrosive, explosive and noxious materials are considered to be hazardous materials and have special legal requirements. As such materials are used in numerous operations, safe storage of hazardous materials is a relevant issue for a wide range of industries.

Laws, norms and accident-prevention regulations are meant to provide proper handling of hazardous materials. Different safety measures apply according to the material, amount and hazard level. Requirements also include separate storage of combustible materials and the usage of storage technologies that meet legal regulations and design approvals. CEMO has been working for decades in the area of hazardous materials storage and is a proven expert in the production of safe and legally compliant storage technologies.

A wide range of products for safe hazardous materials storage by CEMO

We offer a comprehensive assortment of products for safe storage of hazardous materials that meets all legal requirements. From drip pans to drums, tanks, shelves and cabinets, CEMO provides the right solution for all of your needs. We have the perfect storage technologies for interior as well as outdoor usage.

Our products made of GRP, PE and steel meet all safety requirements and make it possible for you to meet regulations and save space in your hazardous materials storage. We also provide accessories and expansions that are harmonized with our storage technologies.

Our team will advise you in any issues regarding hazardous materials storage and will offer you comprehensive service. When you're storing hazardous materials, you can rely on CEMO's experience and expertise.

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