CEMbox 250 l, for usw with cranes, grey/orange

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CEMbox 250 l, for use with cranes, grey/orange, external dimensions 124 x 60 x 57 cm, individual load-bearing capacity 100 kg

Product Details

CEMbox, PE
- grey/orange or yellow box made of high-grade PE
- for transport and storage of tools and small parts
- ideal length for shovels as well
- side door optional (750 l box)
- optimal dimensions for flatbed vehicles
- stackable, with locking pins
- forklift pockets (except 150 l box)
- integrated handles
- cover stop
- 3 toggle closures (750 l box) or 2 toggle closures (150 l, 250 l or 400 l box) made of stainless steel
- space for label pocket (150 l and 400 l box)
- water ingress prevented by integral seal around entire lid
- partition that fits in the grooves of the toolbox as an accessory
- insert tray accessory for delicate tools (e.g. water level)

CEMbox suitable for use with cranes:
- reinforced design with crane lugs and stable crane frame (250 l and 750 l box)
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