Battery charging cabinet Premium 8/10 with stacking feet, 3-phases – lockEX

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Battery charging cabinet Premium 8/10 with stacking feet, 3-phases, with electronic smoke detector (without audible alarm), power disconnection in case of smoke detection and voltage-free output on the outside of the cabinet for connection to a fire alarm system, 12 V connection for e.g. accessory combination alarm unit (visual and audible).

External dimensions: 89 x 66 x 111 cm; Internal dimensions: 73 x 53 x 88 cm
Fire protection is important when charging lithium batteries. CEMO now offers a safe solution. Providing important safety equipment can minimise the consequences of these storage devices burning and significantly increase safety in the plant.

- charging of several lithium batteries in the cabinet
- early alarm in case of damage
- all relevant safety rules for charging lithium batteries are observed
- ideal for shielding batteries from the stored inventory during the charging process