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Fire protection is important when charging lithium batteries. CEMO now offers a safe solution. Providing important safety equipment can minimise the consequences of these storage devices burning and significantly increase safety in the plant.
• charging of several lithium batteries in the cabinet
• early alarm in case of damage
• all relevant safety rules for charging lithium batteries are observed
• ideal for shielding batteries from the stored inventory during the charging process

• MPA-tested fire resistance over 60 minutes from inside to outside according to DIN EN 1363-1
• Real battery fire test carried out by an independent university
• built using non-combustible, fireresistant components
• special fire protection seals prevent flames escaping
• cold smoke-tight sealing system for openings
• transportable for positioning at the place of installation
• double-leaf, lockable doors with sturdy lock and mount
• doors painted orange, similar to RAL 2004; body grey, similar to RAL 7035

For all charging variants:
• heat dissipation by fan during charging
• power supplied by a four-socket power strip (3500 W, 16 A)
• charging current is interrupted if the doors are opened
• charging stops if a malfunction or accident occurs
• ventilation openings sealed with thermocouples

Tested, fireproof cable duct for great flexibility (e.g. for cabling of the customer’s fire alarm system)
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